Who Is This For?
The training programme consists of workshops designed for new, experienced and senior managers or supervisors who manage people. The training content is tailored to meet the needs of each managerial level.

How Our Workshops Are Designed

The style of workshops is interactive and participative and engages both intellect and emotion. We don't just feed people information but actively encourage them to self reflect and come up with their own 'ah-ah' moments.
We strongly believe that training should bring about a noticeable difference and bring benefits once back in the office.

Content is provided on a number of different levels including:

  • Knowledge assimilation through facts, best practices and data - impactful for enquiring, analytical minds!
  • New paradigms in People Management through sharing powerful individual and company case studies and thought leadership gems designed to expand the minds of participants and take them into realms of new possibilities.
  • Self-reflection, inner insight and self-awareness. Self-realisation of what drives personal behaviour is one of the most powerful ways to transform thinking, being and doing.

Workshop Programmes On Offer
There are two programmes on offer; Firstly onsite training at a client's workplace and secondly, public programmes offered at specific venues and dates for individual participants. These events will be shown under the Events tab on this website.

Onsite Training At Your Workplace

We work with group sizes of up to 15 people. We feel this is the optimum size for gaining sufficient individual participation as well as creating great group dynamics.
We will first meet with the client in person or on conference call to ascertain their specific needs, the needs of workshop participants and any issues or opportunities to address. This way we can offer very tailored content for the client.
Pre-workshop home work is also undertaken by participants to enable personal insights into one's own people management style.
This personal enquiry is reflective and introspective and is best undertaken in personal time and space.
Sharing these insights during the workshop is entirely the discretion of the participants.

The workshops are two days in duration but can be extended if identified in the pre-workshop meeting.

What is covered

  • Introducing people management that creates flourishing people
  • How the world's best companies are managing people and getting results
  • How to enable people to flourish
  • Why Emotional Wholeness is critical for great people leadership
  • Identifying personal management styles, beliefs and limitations to Emotional Wholeness
  • Personal plans and actions for implementation and achieving real change in the workplace

An optional addition is exploring personal leadership styles though Equine Assisted Learning which is offered though our company. This novel but increasingly popular way of learning uses horses as training partners to reflect on and experience outcomes as a result of our interactions with them.

Public Programmes
We also provide workshops for individuals on set dates and venues. A similar content to that above is covered. Please check under the Events tab on the navigation bar for updates.

Where We Work
Our workshops are conducted in English however we welcome enquiries from all over the world. Harjeet, trainer and the founder of Break The Bounds has much experience of working with many different countries across the world. She is culturally aware and sensitive of diverse approaches and comfort levels amongst different cultures.