We merge business thinking with human behaviour to get results that go beyond expectation.
We understand the emotional components of human beings and how these need to be understood for both the manager and the people she manages.
Emotions have largely been left out from business education and workplace leadership training. Organisations expect people to turn up with their bodies and a compliant mind that gets work done. But not their hearts, purpose, spirit and passions.

Only the workplace demands this unnatural divorce of human wholeness.

We recognise that it’s the emotions that give rise to a charge of energy that fuels great work, focus, commitment, creativity and self-esteem.
This is the state we call flourishing. It is good for the person, productivity and profits.

We also recognise that it’s the emotional state of the manager that leads people to flourish. We call this a state of ‘Emotional Wholeness’.
To have the determination and will to propel your people forward requires much more than textbook techniques such as frequent communication. It requires behaviour that emanates from healthy personal beliefs and emotions.

We believe this missing emotional angle contributes to workplace disengagement. Surveys by Gallup consistently show that relationships with managers is a major reason for employee disengagement.

Another way we’re different is that our training is based on real workplace experience and results achieved. It doesn’t come from academia, business schools, Human Resources or consultants.
It’s based on real experience of managing people in competitive, international and demanding business environments.